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Northern Beaches Climate Action Network

The Northern Beaches Climate Action Network (NBCAN) is an informal group for folk who live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and are disgusted by the lack of progress responding to the existential threat of Climate Change. We try to coordinate and contribute to different groups active locally to forment discussion within the community, educate about how precarious the future is for the next generations without rapid and profound change in our energy resources and emissions.


Election Candidate Forums

Local Government, State Government and Federal Government Candidate Forums


Soapbox Meetings

Anyone who attends can speak on any topic (but ideally of relevance to climate or environment) but noone can speak for longer than 2-3 minutes


Submissions & Presentations

Activities which provides a dynamic news feed and one-stop-shop for climate and environmental action on the Northern Beaches and wider.


  • Just a network of organisations which range from climate and environmental activists and protest groups through to Local Political parties or campaigns (see current list).

  • Not an incorporated organization
    • No Leader,
    • No Board,
    • No Money,
    • No Members
    As such NBCAN does not compete with any of the Groups within the network

  • NBCAN is poly-partisan – every strand of political opinion is welcome to bring their voice and opinion to everything we try to do. We will only make sustained progress when EVERY party acknowledges the climate emergency and works together to find solutions and take action.

  • Youth have unique authority to speak truth to power and to their parents’ generation demanding a survivable future – youth are royalty to NBCAN – we have no other VIP’s.

  • NBCAN has an email list with ~800 contacts which is sparingly used for important notifications and reminders. Our Facebook Group also has around 800 members.