Fundraiser Sunday April 21st

Long Lunch: 

Held on 

SUNDAY, Sunday April 21st 2024

The inaugural NBCAN fundraiser was a tremendous success.  Even the weather was perfect. The setting was great, the food was amazing, drinks flowed freely and the musical entertainment sensational.

The auction items were all sold at good prices and the ‘merch’ table was very popular. Social media platforms have been abuzz with praise for the event.

The ticket price of only $40 was amazing value; people wondered how we could possibly have made any money on the tickets. But we did, and NBCAN will now have its long-awaited PA system.  

Thank you to the hard-working organiser team Julia R, Billy B and Eva M, to David J and Coastal Cool for providing the entertainment and to all the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to provide a fabulous ‘long lunch’.

Eva Meland

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