NBCAN Soapbox & BYO Picnic

Thanks to everyone who found parking and made it to the NBCAN Picnic/Soapbox (note to self – never attempt a Soapbox in school holidays in Summer or use a different venue). Thanks to everyone who spoke, listened patiently in whatever shade they could find. Thanks to Lionel for loaning us the PA. Thanks to our royalty (youth ) who spoke and inspired us.
Thanks to Sophie Scamps for her kind message of support. Thanks to Joeline Hackman (Manly Independent) and crew, to Ethan Hrnjak for Wakehurst (Greens), Jacqui Scruby crew for telling us what you are going to stand for in March 25 State elections. NBCAN – partisan by cop-out – where were the Libs, PHON, UA…etc. Where was our Mayor?
Thanks especially to the irrepressable Joy Nason who is just the best and did most of the organising while I get most of the praise. Thanks to May for letting me do this on her birthday.
Heartfelt thanks to Andrew Gill for sharing his tragic and moving story on the apalling disgrace of Northern Beaches Hospital. Thanks to Pat for his thought provoking talk on the Manly Ferry. If State elections are won on local issues here are two for our candidates to bone up on.
Apologies to anyone who I haven’t thanked but you know who you are and what you did.
Lastly thanks to everyone who donated to the begging jar – we had $147.75 in the jar at the start and $353.30 coming out, so we can cover the costs for one of the candidate forums. Is anyone good at fundraising or does anyone want to sponsor one or more of these events (with generous acknowledgement of course)?

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