NBCAN Soapbox March 2024

Narrabeen Coastal Environment Centre:

SUNDAY, March 17th 2024

I’m still on a high from yesterday’s inspirational NBCAN Soapbox – there was such a strong feeling of community spirit, solidarity and a desire to take action to make the world a better place.  Some said it was the best NBCAN Soapbox yet – and I’m inclined to agree.  Whatever – as I said after the last Soapbox, we are indeed fortunate to be part of such a vibrant community of climate and environmental activists on the Northern Beaches.

At yesterday’s NBCAN Soapbox, we were missing our very good friends Uncle Neil Evers and Aunty Clair Jackson who were otherwise engaged at their (postponed) Christmas in the Bush children’s party. However, Uncle Neil kindly sent me some words to read on his behalf and I felt honoured to start proceedings with a respectful Acknowledgement to Country.  On behalf of NBCAN I then issued a challenge:

“Please do not leave this Event before you seek out, make a connection with and a commitment to follow-up any Speaker who inspired you to take action today.  Change is not possible without action”.

Did you tick that box?  If not, here’s your second chance – every Speaker’s contact details and summary of topic is listed in here.

Finally – the shout-outs to the awesome helpers, their generosity and willingness to contribute would bring you to tears and its hard to know where to start – except of course Nigel Howard – always the glue that holds NBCAN together – what a legend – NBCAN is Nigel.  Then Billy Bragg – her catering skills are second to none and with her own cooking and the generous donation of food from Amber Waves, Avalon, there was enough to feed an army.  Julia and her twin-sister Linda were an incredible double-act – worked tirelessly anywhere they were needed.  Julia – thank you for your graphics advertising the NBCAN Soapbox in the first place, and you amazing hand-written summaries of each speaker – I’d be lost without you.  Jennifer Michalski took brilliant photos of everyone and anything – you’ll be wowed when you see them online.  Tim Maguire and someone who’s name escapes me worked miracles with the sound system, and heaps of people pitched in afterwards to leave the CEC looking pristine – thank you.  Last but not least, Hope Campbell herself the CEC Manager who went above and beyond the call of duty to be there and enable us to use the much-needed extra space in the building – her support was invaluable.  If I’ve forgotten anyone forgive me and you know who you are!

I’ll close with a huge thank you to each and every one of you who picked up that microphone and said your 2-minutes worth yesterday – you were inspirational – and deserve a massive response to your call to action.

Kind regards and in solidarity

Joy Nason

NBCAN Co-convener with Nigel Howard


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