NBCAN Soapbox

Narrabeen Tramshed: SUN, OCT 29 2023

It was absolutely wonderful seeing you all at the NBCAN Soapbox Event at Berry Hall Narrabeen today.  We are indeed fortunate to be part of such a vibrant community of climate and environmental activists on the Northern Beaches where everyone present today felt valued and loved.

Below is a link to a spreadsheet giving contact details of the 25 topics spoken about and a very brief description of each speaker’s topic.   I strongly recommend you personally get in touch with speakers on the spreadsheet to find out more detailed information on the topics so passionately spoken about and so obviously close to every speaker’s heart.  Thank you to each and every one of you who took the opportunity of 2-minutes at the mic. to spread your message.

A massive shout out to

  • Billy Bragg for her incredible catering and to all who made NBCAN donations for the food
  • Jennifer Michalski who took photos of all the speakers and is posting them on the NBCAN FB page.  She encourages people to add comments on FB below their photos if they wish.   David Collins may also have taken photos – thank you David. 
  • Libby Boyd for keeping details of all the speakers.  
  • My grandson Justin Bowers for his timekeeping assistance and my step-granddaughter Eta for her tireless assistance in the kitchen.
  • The gentleman who filmed the Event for his local community group (sorry his name escapes me)
  • If I have forgotten anyone, I’m sure Nigel will remedy that!

Finally, Nigel Howard is the coordinator and glue that holds NBCAN together – where would we be without him.  Please do keep in touch with Nigel regarding any questions from today – he would love to hear from you.

Kind regards and in solidarity

Joy Nason

NBCAN co-convenor

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