Pittwater Electorate Candidate Forum

NSW State Election: 25 March 2023

Northern Beaches Climate Action Network partnered with Voices of Warringah to organise a NSW election 2023 candidates’ forum on 4 March for the Pittwater Electorate at Mona Vale Memorial Hall. Moderated by Wendy Harmer the speakers were Jackie Scruby (Independent), Rory Amon (Liberal), Jeff Quinn (Labor) & Hilary Green (Greens). We hope it helps inform voting at the election on 25 March for those that could not attend.

Opening – 0:0
Welcome to Country – 0:56
Alexander (Voices of Warringah) – 5:55
Jackie Scruby (Independent) – 8:26
Rory Amon (Liberal) – 12:06
Jeff Quinn (Labor) – 14:51
Hilary Green (Greens) – 18:41
Questions – 22:44
Nigel Howard (Northern Beaches Climate Action Network) – 1:19:57

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