NBCAN Soapbox & Events

Most NBCAN Groups promote their activities through our Facebook Page  which provides a dynamic news feed and one-stop-shop for climate and environmental action on the Northern Beaches and wider.

NBCAN only organizes it’s own events where individual groups do not have the resources or expertise or may be conflicted – for example running poly-partisan events like our Local Government, State Government and Federal Government Candidate Forums. NBCAN and Group volunteers span a huge pool of talent, expertise and commitment and provide a far-reaching network of contacts directly or indirectly.


Election Candidate Forums

NBCAN is poly-partisan – every strand of political opinion is welcome to bring their voice and opinion to everything we try to do. We will only make sustained progress when EVERY party acknowledges the climate emergency and works together to find solutions and take action.

NBCAN Soapbox

NBCAN holds ad-hoc “Soap Box” meetings. Anyone who attends can speak on any topic (but ideally of relevance to climate or environment) but noone can speak for longer than 2-3 minutes. This ensures a fast-paced event that is also very entertaining – noone has time for long grand-standing speeches. Political discourse or campaigning is legitimate contribution.

Anyone can suggest an activity or event on our Facebook page and those that support the idea become the organisers.

Our activities and events are unapologetically (but not deliberately) amateur and we strive to make them fun and engaging as well as informative, potent, demanding of change and educational.

NBCAN events are free to all, but we need to cover our minimal expenses from donations to our begging jar. We keep a rigorous account of all money’s for anyone to scrutinize if they have any concerns.